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    Complaints and Refunds

“MyHotWorks app not only helped me increase Profit with efficiency and communication but also created a stress-free environment for my entire team.” – Joe Patel, Holiday Inn

Your Hotel Operations 10X More Productive

Know exactly what needs to be done and who is responsible.


You and your team don’t like spending endless hours going through piles of paper and typing information into a system. Yeah, we get it.

That is why we developed an app to auto-log all communications between all your departments and other activities. No more headaches. Only revenue driving productivity.

“Tracking, eliminating, and identifying ongoing issues is so easy with MyHotworks. We don’t have to rely on individual employees to remember and which rooms have repeat maintenance issues. ”
Susan Heartwood, Sheraton

COMMUNICATION and tracking

MyHotelWorks app automatically sends all messages to the right department – no matter whether you send them from a desktop or phone.

MyHotelWorks search and filter capabilities make it easy to track issues that cost you big in refunds and reviews. Track what’s important without going through stacks of paper.

“It’s so easy to look up what happened where and when. Lost and found feature is a lifesaver. Guests are impressed that we are able to locate their item right away.”
Maria Guerra, Days Inn

MyHotWorks does everything your Hotels needs.

Download Myhotworks for all of your devices.

Your hotel at your fingertips.

Keep track of your hotel operations with a quick glance from anywhere. Detailed records and history of all hotel communications between front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and management.

Recognize and retain your best talent.

It is not a secret that hotels have a huge turnover. With MyHotWorks you will reduce stress of your team and lift overall job satisfaction. Because everyone knows exactly what needs to be done.

Keep your hotel in excellent condition.

Maintenance tickets will never get lost, ever again. Track ongoing issues that keep coming back and get to the root of the problem. Your guests will reward you with raving 5-star reviews.

Wow! Reports are effortless to read and understand. We know exactly what needs to be addressed to push our scores higher. Our whole team is very excited because our scores are consistently climbing higher month over month. ~ Mario T. Days Inn


Because not all hotel employees are tech-savvy, we designed the MyHotWorks App to be super simple. If you can text on your phone, you can use MyHotWorks App.

Send detailed messages in seconds, with the click or tap. Easily customize messages with location – i.e. room number, ticket type, and department.


Android and iPhone apps for your team. Fast, native performance. Not a mobile browser garbage. Sounds too technical? Here is what it means: it will fly on your phone without aggravation.

It’s not acceptable for a front desk personnel to be “playing” on their smart phones. So we specifically created myhotworks web app accessible on any PC.

We made hotel communication fast and Easy.

  • Everything is in the cloud.

    Two-way radios are history. Paper piles no more.

  • Track work progress.

    Update or complete any task with notes and pictures.

  • Reports are automatic.

    Know exactly what happened where and when.

  • Full messaging system.

    Create detailed tickets with a few taps or clicks.

  • Instant notifications.

    Avoid miscommunication and confusion.

  • Keep track of your inventory.

    Supplies, linen, damaged items. Coming soon.

MyHotworks uses 5 ticket types:


Guest checked out early? Let the right person know right away.

Lost & Found

Search by room and or date. Save hours of labor and frustration.


There is something that needs to be fixed everyday. Report it.


Report damaged linen, smoked in the room and unauthorized pets.


Guest needs extra towels, roll away, or late check out. Done.

Best in class User Training.

Each new user will receive a series of short tutorials to make sure they know how to use MyHotWorks.

Sign Up today and 10X your hotels productivity.


Story of MyHotworks.

HotWorks was conceived out of a need to create efficiency, transparency, and accountability within all departmental levels of a hotel. As hotel owners we noticed just how many processes were simply archaic and out of touch with reality thereby causing massive frustration and confusion throughout the organization. Needless to say it affected our bottom line, customer satisfaction scores, employee morale and the entire performance of our properties. We knew we could do better. Technology has now given us a platform to do this very thing and our goal is to give back to the hotel owners, managers and employees across the world the confidence and ability to do much better. Enter HotWorks! Our mobile platform allows us to cut though barriers and utilize real-time actionable intelligence right from your fingertips 24x7x365.

Brands using our Apps.

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